martes, 10 de junio de 2008

Welcome Gabriel!

Hey, I was fortunate enough to receive news from my family.
Gabriel Arrived yesterday morning (June 9th), weighing 3,09 kg measuring 47 cm.
May you live a long, healthy and prosperous life, my dear one!
With much love

Gabriel: born June 9, 2008, at 06:11 AM,
Rio de Janeiro (103), Brésil

Your Ascendant: 13°57' Gemini
With such a changeable nature, you are always present where you are not expected. You spend your time raising questions and answering them. Your curiosity and sharpness of mind have no limit. Your spirit is constantly boiling, jumping from one subject to another, solving problems, accumulating anecdotes and knowledge over a short period of time. Your mental agility takes you along very far and the way you live daily brings you intense, pleasant and varied moments without any correlation.

With such an Ascendant, your behavior is perceived by others as nervous, expressive, sharp, adaptable, quick-minded, humorous, sparkling, ludic, sociable, skilful, curious, odd, independent, dealing with everything, cerebral, flexible, ingenious, whimsical, imaginative, charming; but you can also appear as capricious, disorganized, shallow, indiscreet, opportunist, careless, egoistic, fragile, ironic or changing.

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ludi leao dijo...

Gemeos com ascendente em gemeos.. ninguém segura esse muleque!!!!!